Tips for a Comfortable, Stress-Free Road Trip

Road TripPlanning a road trip in the new year? Long drives can be uncomfortable and stressful, but they don’t need to be! Check out our tips below for happy and safe travels on the road.

  • Pick a lane and stick to it. Not only is this safer than changing lanes, but research shows that even though other lanes may seem like faster options, it makes little difference in your arrival time.
  • Keep yourself nourished. Low-blood sugar is the pits. It can make you feel tired and cranky. Pack easy-to-eat, snacks that will fill you up. String cheese, nuts, dried fruit, veggies, dark chocolate, and jerky are good options. Don’t forget water! Pack some baby wipes while you’re at it. Check out this article for more detailed suggestions.
  • Choose your music playlist before you go. Shuffling through songs en route can be a distraction. Try adding books on tape, comedy specials, or podcasts for some variety. Make sure that each traveler has a say in what tracks make it onto your playlist. Check out this post for inspiration!
  • Keep your car organized. Make sure you have easy-access to everything—wet wipes, tissues, pain relievers, phone charger—before you leave. If you make frequent road trips, it’s a good idea to always keep a phone charger in your car. Trust us, one day you’ll forget to charge your phone at home.
  • Make frequent stops. While traveling, it’s important to stay hydrated. This means you will need to make frequent stops to use the restroom. This is good, as it gives you the chance to get up from your seat and stretch a little. This will get your blood flowing and make the drive more comfortable.
  • Leave early. Feeling rushed is never fun. It adds unneeded stress and may cause you to speed or make reckless choices. Give yourself ample time to arrive at your destination. If you’re worried about getting there too early, plan a backup activity like a coffee stop or site-seeing. Check the weather forecast the day before you leave, so you can plan to leave a little earlier if necessary.

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