How to Take Your Road Trip to the Next Level

Van driving on a mapA long road trip is a mixed bag. On one hand, it’s exciting to be out on the open road, pointed toward an exciting adventure. On the other hand, car trips can be long and stressful.

However, with a little planning and a few simple upgrades, you can take your road trip to the next level. It doesn’t take much to make the drive to your destination one of the most memorable parts of the trip!

Five Tips for Taking Your Road Trip to the Next Level

1. See the World’s Largest: They may sound corny–and they are–but kooky roadside attractions are worth the stop and can make for fabulous photo ops. Pull over for things like the world’s Largest 6 Pack in LaCrosse, Wisconsin; the World’s Largest Wind Chime in Eureka Springs, Arkansas; the World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube in Knoxville, Tennessee; or the World’s Largest Can of Paint in Shippensburg, PA.

2. Bring a Real Map and Sharpie: We know that no one uses maps anymore, but that’s a shame! Using a sharpie to track your progress on a real-live map is very satisfying and a lot of fun. Add notes about your experiences in different towns, and the map can double as a fun souvenir after the trip. And if you ever make a repeat trip, your marked up map will be a valuable resource.

3. Plan Pit Stops: The typical thing to do is wait until hunger strikes and ask your fellow passengers to keep their eyes peeled for restaurants. That never works. Plus, since you’re constantly moving, it’s nearly impossible to locate an eatery using the apps on your phone. So plan ahead! Figure out which towns you’ll be spinning through, and come up with a few options on where you can stop to eat. Looking forward to a special meal can really keep morals high! In a pinch, stop at a gas station for trail mix, nuts, jerky, dried fruit, popcorn, or cheese. These make fine snacks.

4. Clean Your Car Beforehand, and Keep it Clean: Before your big road trip, clean your car thoroughly, and keep a clean mindset! Bring a shopping bag to corral your garbage, and bring wipes with you. You will feel much better in a clean car.

5. Get Your Entertainment Sorted: Create playlists, and add some music, comedy, or books on tape to the mix. It’s also important to ensure each traveler has equal say in what plays during the trip, so have everyone submit their suggestions before you head off!

The most important rule of any road trip is to stay safe. So don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated, avoid dangerous lane changes, and obey speed limits. Ensure you leave with ample to time to reach your destination in order to avoid rushing.

Happy travels!

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